What we do

We design, create, make, nurture, build and scale brands on Amazon and across multiple online retail channels.
We are deeply embedded in the Amazon marketplace ecosystem. We embrace business automation efficiencies by operating market leading, cloud-based, third-party platforms, software solutions and APIs.
We utilise leading global and regional E-commerce marketplaces to go-to-markets fast and cost efficiently and to drive growth.
We don’t just develop our own brands in-house. We also seek to acquire and aggregate emerging Amazon native brands with high potential.

Our Strategy

  • Design, develop, acquire, and scale category-leading Amazon native brands on the Fulfillment-By-Amazon (FBA) platform.
  • Acquire and grow direct-to-consumer brands (D2C) by extending product ranges, multiplying distribution channels, and expanding in international markets.
  • Aggregate and manage a portfolio of brands across global third-party marketplaces, selling across multiple digital & physical retail channels.