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Let us introduce ourselves

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Zamaz grew from one of its most successful brands Ecomoist in early 2010. Ecomoist was founded through the need to catch up with the emerging mobile market and its lack of cleaning accessories. Ecomoists intention was to create something that did not harm the technology it was being applied on and as importantly the end user. With that in mind, using green chemistry, the formula for Ecomoist was developed and the results were amazing. A product that delivered on Zamazs values – smear-free, hypo-allergenic and bio-degradable was born and the power of e-commerce then took place. Understanding the complete value chain from A-Z, ensured that it quickly became one of Amazons best sellers. This quickly led to it becoming a dominating brand on the marketplace and allowed the creation of different verticals to ensure its scaleability and reproducibility.

Zamaz use the life-cycle of Ecomoist as a perfect example of how to identify, create and develop brands into global powerhouses of the online marketplace.

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