Ecomoist® was one of the first high-quality screen cleaning products developed for the emerging laptop, tablet, and smartphone market. Launched on Amazon in 2012, Ecomoist® is now a market leading ecological IT hygiene solution for screens and devices in the home, in the office, and on the move.
Ecomoist® was originally launched with a mission to make the best cleaning products for technology devices.  Green chemistry is used to develop 25 products for mobile phones, computer screens, and vinyl records, resulting in a safe, natural, hypoallergenic, near-neutral pH formula IT hygiene solution derived from fruit and plants which removes the grease and dirt from screens without leaving wipe marks or damaging the device.
The Ecomoist® Screen Cleaner Kit has consistently been a bestseller on Amazon since it was first launched. The extended range of product and pack formats quickly became very popular with an expanding user base. Today, Ecomoist® continues to grow in line with ever greater global penetration of mobile, wearable, laptop, and other screen-based computing devices used in homes, offices, cars, and other transport vehicles.
Ecomoist® has expanded from the UK with full listings on 5 European Amazon marketplaces. Using the Amazon Seller Central platform and the Fulfilment by Amazon (“FBA’) services, and Amazon Vendor Central, Zamaz PIc is a “Top Rated” Amazon seller trusted by thousands of Amazon Prime customers in the UK, Germany, France, Italy & Spain.
To date, more than XXX million visits have been made to the Amazon pages of Ecomoist®, and more than 3 million units were dispatched using the platform. Ecomoist® is a category leader, the range of products attracting over 30,000 positive reviews, high ratings, and are rankings in organic search for relevant keywords and terms.


Our vision for Bandhas is a global sustainable lifestyle beachwear brand. With this brand, we evidence our commitment to a recyclable, circular economic model. We believe, after all, in the principles of the “Triple Bottom Line” – that People, Planet and Profit must coexist as social, environmental, and financial capital resources in business.
Bandhas was conceived in Mexico, a home of some the world’s most beautiful and clean beaches as well as an ancient, holistic, and aesthetic culture. Our launch signature collection includes beach sandals with the colours of the Mexican flag in the sole and we are creating and designing a simple and vibrant range of quality beachwear products made from recyclable, eco-friendly materials.
Protecting ocean coastline is a top priority for the wellbeing of our planet which is why, with each Bandhas purchase, comes a free, sustainable [cotton] beach bag for collecting and disposing of waste left on our beaches.
We are also partnered with the International Tree Foundation – an international, non-profit, non-political conservation organisation operating worldwide. The International Tree Foundation was set up in 1922 and is a pioneer in community-led reforestation which works to plant trees and restore forests, strengthen community and ecosystem resilience, and provide sustainable fuel, food, and medicine for households and markets.
The ITF makes the greatest difference by supporting emerging community-based groups to grow and become independent forest conservation organisations. Together, we plant 200 trees each month and our goal is to reach 1000 trees per month in 2023.
Bandhas products are designed, sourced, and manufactured in Mexico and are currently available on Amazon UK and US marketplaces, on Instagram and other selected social commerce platforms, as well as our own website.

Bella Dispensa®

The on-line grocery category is rapidly emerging as a focus for E-commerce innovation, logistics efficiency and the highest standards of customer experience and service.
In 2021, we acquired 100% of Bella Dispensa®, a Milan, Italy based online grocery marketplace start-up selling an expanding range of traditional, artisanal, organic premium quality Italian food products delivered directly from Italian vendors to discerning end-consumers in international markets.
Watch this space as we combine one of the world’s most favourite, traditional food cultures with the accessibility of on-line shopping, E-commerce, and advanced retail technology.